Activ Life LED Bike Wheel Lights (1 Pack)

You Save: $6.00 USD (30.02%)

Activ Life LED Bike Wheel Lights (1 Pack)

You Save: $6.00 USD (30.02%)
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Makes a Perfect Gift
Makes a Perfect Gift
Lifetime Warranty
Lifetime Warranty
Family Owned Business
Family Owned Business
Thousands of Verified Reviews
Thousands of Verified Reviews

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3 Modes - Switch from "On" to "Flashing" to "Off"

Fits More Tire Sizes - From 12" toddler tires all the way up to 29" adult tires

Increase Visibility at Night - Visible at 350 degrees so you and your loved ones are safer

Easy Installation - No Tools Required! We even provide an easy-to-follow installation video

Don't Settle for Low Quality - Activ Lites are Top Quality, Long-Lasting & Waterproof

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* Ships the same day and we have a 2-DAY SHIPPING policy. * If you have any problems regarding the product, we have a LIFETIME WARRANTY. Just contact us at (800) 406-4064 or email us at and we will be glad to replace them!
Floats through the air!

Like the box says, fun for ages 3-99! I purchased this product for my 6-year-old granddaughter. I took the rings out for a test run yesterday when there was a high wind warning thinking good bye rings. Nope, this did not happen. We both were able to control the throws and easily catch. Even my 32-year-old daughter got in on the action. I’m not 99 but can attest that if a 99 year old could still have fun, this would do the trick. Floats through the air. Super easy to catch and control. I can tell we will have lots of fun with this product.

Pamela G
So Cool!!!!

 These lights are super fun and super cool!! Everywhere I ride people comment and ask about them. Also, makes riding at night feel safer as I light up the street! These changing color ones are fun. As you can see in my video, they start one color and then randomly go to another color etc. Also, I really like that in the day time, the wires and lights are very small and minimal so my wheels/spokes don't look cluttered. I leave them off during daytime riding but they do show up if you wanted to have them on all the time (it's cloudy/rainy here in the PNW so not sure if they'd show up if the sun was out.) Anyway, I love these lights and they easily make my bike the coolest on the road! ;)

SAFETY is key, FUN is a wonderful bonus!

My grandchildren absolutely love these bike lights! Each child has a Huffy bike sized for their age and the lights installed on each one with no problems. The family takes a nightly walk no matter the season. These lights are SAFE and FUN for the kids on winter nights when daylight is gone early in the evening. My daughter tells me the kids often stop riding to change the patterns of the lights. She appreciates that they are easy enough for even the youngest child to operate independently. Warranty registration was a breeze! We're telling all of our friends and family about the bike lights and we will probably come back for more when "favorite colors" start changing through the years.

Tennessee M
So much fun!

We love these lights. Since it is hot in Texas we ride our bikes at dusk. It makes it easier for people to see us which makes it safer to ride at night. We get so many compliments on our Activ bike lights. They are fun too! We have four bikes and have put light sets on each wheel and even a set on one of the frames. I recommend these to anyone who likes fun and safety!

Many different uses

These are great for kids bikes, however the battery pack is made to be mounted on spike bike tires. If you bike has a different kind of bike run you will not be able to put these on the wheels. The best part is you can put them on the chassy of the bike and mount the battery pack to the cross bar. My son loves his new lights.

Couldn't get the kids out of the pool!!!

This is a fabulous and unique toy for the pool. Very easy to fill, so impatient kids get to play with it right away and don't have to wait for any set up. They were amazed, trying to figure out how the ball stayed under water. My grandchildren and their parents stayed in the pool for hours and didn't want to stop playing 'ball'. A huge success all around . I highly recommend this ball for great pool fun!!! You've got to try it to believe it.

Jerome K

I bought these as a Christmas present for my 5 year old nephew who really wanted a frisbee. They are light but firm and don’t hurt if you are hit by them, he learnt how to throw really quickly because they are so easy to use. Would definitely recommend them.

Ali P

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Activ Life Wheel Lights

Best bike lights ever! And thankyou for making it so simple to purchase what I need. Amazon always gave me nothing but trouble, and I'm very happy that I can now deal directly with you! :-]

Great gift to anyone

Lovely set of wheels lights perfect gift to my little boy, he is obsessed and has to show them off to everyone. They are really bright and make me feel better when he rides in the evenings.


De muy buena calidad

What can I say?...

Love the idea and color goes crazy when you�re riding fast. But these lights keep breaking on me. This is my second pair and I know what you�re thinking, why buy them again? Bc they add such a dope effect to my ride, I ride at night through San Francisco so they are very necessary to be safe and they give me the right vibe while getting from pint A to B. But jeeez, why must they keep breaking on me? Wish I could give this 5 stars but the durability is questionable at this point. Again, I love this idea, just wish it would stop breaking when I ride.


Your browser does not support HTML5 video. �Daughter loves her new bike light easily to install